Fresh Fish

Red mullet (250gr)

Gill-head sea bream (300gr)

See-bass (300gr)

Sword Fish (on the grill with tomatoes & onions)

King Prawns on the grill * (served with chips & rice)

Provencal Prawns * (Prawns, garlic, tomato sauce & fresh cream served with rice)

Prawns saganaki * (prawns, tomato sauce, fetta & oregano)

Cuttlefish Grilled (1 kg)

Kalamari Grilled (1 kg)

Baby Gried Kalamari

Octopus in wine sauce (served with chips & rice)

Gill-Head sea bream (1 kg)

See-bass (1 kg)

Local Fresh Fish (1 kg)

King Prawns (1 kg)


All dishes are served with chips
*imported fish or meat


Try new specialties of our chief cook

Wide selection of cold

Amazing view and traditional atmosphere

Only Fresh ingredients from mediterranian sea