Greek salad (per person)

Halloumi-Lounza (1 slice of hallumi & 1 slice of lounza)

Halloumi – Village Sausage

Shrimp Cocktail * (Shrimps, lettuce, cocktail sauce)

Avocado Cocktail * (Shrimps, avocado, lettuce, cocktail sauce)

Garlic mushrooms (Mushrooms, garlic, fresh cream)

Stuffed mushrooms (Breaded mushrooms stuffed with a variety of cheese)

Breaded prawns * (Breaded prawns served with tartar sauce)

Smoked ham with honey Mellon

Baby Fried Kalamari (served with tartar sauce)

King Prawns with ouzo sauce 4 pieces (garlic, ouzo, fresh cream)

Garlic bread


*imported fish or meat


Try new specialties of our chief cook

Wide selection of cold

Amazing view and traditional atmosphere

Only Fresh ingredients from mediterranian sea