About Us

The authentic "Fig Tree Bay Restaurant"

Welcome to Cyprus, an island of legends that basks year-round in the light of the warm Mediterranean sun.

A place with a 10,000 year-long story has seen civilizations come and go and the likes of everyone from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra stake their claim here, but then, people to tend to get possessive when faced with such beauty. Aphrodite made her home in Cyprus and travelers throughout antiquity came here just to pay her a tribute.

Around 1953, Zannetos Zefkas, who owned a tavern in Paralimni, decided to build another tavern near the sea, where his family owned a big piece of land, which later became the famous Fig Tree Bay. The place got its name from the fig trees that Z. Zefkas planted on the beach the same year.

From 1961 until 2004, his two sons continued the tradition with the same love and care that their father did.

In 2004 the old restaurant was demolished due to government regulations.

Now, a new restaurant has replaced the old one, by Antonis Zefkas in accordance to European Standards for your pleasure and safety.  Our intention is everyone who visits our beautiful island enjoys the traditional Cypriot and European cuisine, good service and excellent quality.

We welcome you and we hope you will remember us with joy!

Welcome to Cyprus!

Try new specialties of our chief cook

Wide selection of cold

Amazing view and traditional atmosphere

Only Fresh ingredients from mediterranian sea